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Dubai, UAE

Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a huge city surrounded by desert, sand dunes and the spectacular Hajar Mountains. The city is well known for its business and computer districts, but also holds a wealth of historical, cultural and fun opportunities for tourists.

Dubai is renowned as the shopping capital of the Middle East, and is a duty-free shopper’s paradise for clothes, electrical goods, CDs, DVDs and anything else you could wish for. Souks are located throughout the city and have different specialties such as the Gold Souk, Spice Souk and the Perfume Souk.

The most famous landmark in the city is the Burj Al Arab, a 321-metre-high hotel with a curved structure to resemble a billowing sail. Its restaurants, accommodation and services have been voted some of the world’s best. Nearby is Wild Wadi Water Park which features innovative log flumes, water slides and advanced water activities.

Also of interest for the traveller in Dubai are dhows, or traditional wooden trading vessels, which can be found on the creek that divides the city’s commercial district. Regular dhow races take place, which are entertaining to watch, and some dhows have been turned into bars and restaurants.