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Fiji, South Pacific

Fiji is a group of several hundred islands in Oceania. The main island is Viti Levu, and Fiji’s capital Suva is situated here. Fiji’s blend of pristine beaches and all-year-round tropical climate has been described as ‘the closest most people will get to paradise.’ There are no high rise hotels in Fiji and commercial tourism has not been allowed to develop, so many of the resorts are privately run by friendly and welcoming locals.

Fiji is most popular as a romantic destination, particularly for honeymooners, so attractions other than its beauty and tranquillity are sometimes overlooked. However, the island’s dive sites are amongst the best in the world, boasting soft coral cays, shipwrecks and colourful marine life. Tourists not interested in snorkelling or scuba diving can take a voyage in a glass-bottomed boat – a great way to experience Fiji’s underwater world.  Or why not take one of the many cruises to the other islands from Viti Levu.