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Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan

Experience the bright lights and rich cultural diversity of Japan's capital city, Tokyo, or step back in time and lose yourself in the deeply historical and traditional Kyoto. Either way, you're sure of a unique and revealing glimpse of the Land of The Rising Sun.

Kyoto was Japan’s capital and the Emperor’s residence from 794 to 1868, but today it is famous as the country’s Buddhist capital, with over 2000 temples such as the Kiyomizu-dera which are renowned for their religious and artistic interest. Kyoto, the country’s seventh largest city, is referred to as ‘Japan’s heartland’ and is a serene city where both modern skyscrapers and ancient structures stand side by side. The city is surrounded by the towering Tamba Mountains, and just a short journey northeast is Maizuru Bay’s Saw-Toothed-Coast area.

Tokyo is the modern capital of Japan and is one of the world’s largest cities. Like Kyoto, the city combines ancient architecture with a modern cityscape. The Tokyo Tower is a famous landmark which resembles the Eiffel Tower, although Tokyo Tower is the largest steel structure in the world. Tokyo is Japan’s centre for politics, business, education and mass media, but most important for the tourist is its shopping and entertainment. On your stopover, you’ll visit the Ginza area, which is an exclusive shopping district where the streets are lined with neon signs, department stores, boutiques, bars and restaurants.