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Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is the impressive peak at the heart of the Lake St Clair National Park, an area of pristine moors, deep gorges, and Australia's deepest freshwater lake.  Walkers will appreciate the 80-kilometre Overland Track which snakes through alpine scenery and provides unattended huts for stopovers. Icy streams cascade down the mountainsides, ancient pines are reflected in the still glacial lakes and you might catch sight of a wombat  – it's a trekker's paradise!

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Tasmania's capital presents a seductive location to the visitor. Its graceful harbour set against the backdrop of Mount Wellington entices you into streets of stately sandstone buildings and colourful markets. The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery provide information about the island's history, while the Cascade Brewery caters for other interests!  Port Arthur, where the convicts first landed, is one of the major tourist attractions, along with the nearby historic town of Richmond.

Gordon River

Flowing through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, the Gordon River presents epic scenery of rainforest, waterfall and peak. Take a raft from Strahan along this pristine route, rent a bike or kayak for some adventure, or go on a tour to Sarah Island, early Australia's most infamous penal settlement. Walkers will love the 54-kilometre Frenchman's Cap walk through alpine scenery to a peak with stunning views, while less energetic visitors can potter about the pretty port of Strahan.

Maria Island

The Maria Island National Park is just off the east coast of Tasmania and is home to some breathtaking scenic walks. Sixty short walks offer routes through forest, along coasts and up rugged peaks, while longer treks are available with or without a guide. True enthusiasts will take the six-day Overland Track to Tasmania ’s highest peak, Mt Ossa (1617 metres or 5,250 feet).