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It's time to saddle-up for the Great Australian Cattle Drive 2010!

July / August 2010

500 cattle, 390 kilometres of desert and a swag of adventure stories along one of the most evocative desert trails in Australia - the Oodnadatta Track.

Great Australian Cattle Drive

A real cattle-driving experience with everyday outback drovers. We have six packages to choose from:

  • Dawn of the Cattle Drive - 30th July
  • Drovers Crossing - 4th August
  • Kidman Country - 9th August
  • Cattle Kings - 15th August
  • Ringers Run - 20th August
  • Cattle Drive Round Up - 25th August

Each tour lasts four nights and five days and provides a once-in-a-lifetime Australian holiday experience.

Contact us for full details of each package

This unique and rewarding travel experience offers people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds the opportunity to re-live the glory years of Australia's Outback cattle drovers by riding alongside real working people and moving a real herd through real Outback wilderness.

From Oodnadatta to Marree, they will slowly traverse a haunting and remarkable desert landscape: one of stony plains and cresting dunes, ancient uplifts and bubbling springs, dazzling salt lakes and parched river beds.

Walk in the footseteps of pioneers & explorers

The Oodnadatta Track also represents a significant, part of Australian pioneering history, following a land corridor that enabled Europeans to break into the interior of a continent they'd thus far found impenetrable. Stories will unfold: stories of the indigenous inhabitants, stories of the pioneers (the explorers, the railway men, the pastoralists) and stories of the modern people who still make their living in this extreme and isolated environment. As the animals sway and the dust rises, you will pass a string of ruins, legacies and landmarks.

Old stories and trail tales

Cattle Drive guests will come to know (and hopefully love!) their horses, each chosen to match their riding abilities. First-timers will have the rare opportunity of learning from people who have lived in the saddle, while experienced riders will relish the chance to exchange stories and insights with some of Australia's greatest horsemen and women.

Good grub and excellent company

As the riders set off on each day's adventure, a support crew tends camp. This is a 'village' of superior tent accommodation enjoying excellent facilities including hot showers, flushing toilets, a bar and a kitchen of top caterers specialising in Australian cuisine. Every tour has its own camp, a vibrant and comfortable environment where guests can unwind and savour their day's adventures beneath a canopy of stars.

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