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Aussie Specialists

About Oz Talk Your Australian Travel Specialists

Oz Talk was built on excellent reputation on exemplary service and an innovative approach to travel Down Under.

Unlike many other travel agencies that handle Australian travel, we believed that it's best to do one thing really, really well - that's why Australian Travel Specialists focuses exclusively on Australia as our number-one destination. We don’t just go to Australia; we really know Australia.

Passionate about Australia

Oz Talk has always employed more Australians than any other UK travel agency. As a result, we have a passion and enthusiasm for Australia that knows no bounds. Our staff continually travelled to every corner of this huge country in search of the very best it can offer our customers. They know that they are sending you to their country, so they want you to have a great time and be impressed with what you see and experience. Quite simply, they care more.


Being independently owned means we are unhindered by huge company politics, policies and dictates. We move fast in an ever-changing environment, and pass on the benefits that brings.

Oz Talk's Philosophy

  • The customer first and foremost
  • Best products at the best possible prices.
  • Great just isn't good enough!

We like to think we have made the distinction between a "good trip Down Under" and an "incredible trip down under"! It is never just a case of processing as many customers as we can in the shortest possible time, using tricks to look cheap but making the customer pay in dissatisfaction and poor quality.

The Future

Our passion and dedication to Australia is a sure recipe for success in this ever-expanding market. Our strengths lie in our expert knowledge, focus on customervalue and service and ability to innovate. We are the voice of Australian travel and will remain in that position for as long as we have customers wanting to visit this amazing country.


All Australian Travel Specialists consultants are qualified 'Aussie Specialists' - a designation awarded by the Australian Tourist Commission (ATC) . This demonstrates that Australian Travel Specialists Travel are well informed Australian Travel Agents and have a superior knowledge of Australia. Australian Travel Specialists also work closely with the Australian Government, other official Australian bodies and the regional offices of the ATC to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible options and advice when visiting Australia.