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Corporate Travel Services

Our Corporate Travel Services

Below are just a few examples of how Australian Travel Specialists can help you find the perfect campaign package to ensure that both you and your clients or customers are happy:

Product Launches

Promoting a product with an Australian theme? Why not offer Oz Miles or Australian holiday discount as an introductory gift with purchases made within a limited period. Australian Travel Specialists can also put you in touch with the right people down under to help organise your product launch.

Spending Incentives

Customers who spend over a certain amount within a specified period on, for example – credit card purchases, holidays or a mobile phone bill, can be offered Oz Miles towards a holiday down under or a special offer when booking with Australian Travel Specialists.

Trade and Sales Incentives

Struggling to motivate your tradesmen and Salespeople to produce the results you need? Why not introduce Oz Miles as an exciting and motivating goal. For example, for every £500 worth of your product that the employee sells, they receive £50 of Oz Miles. This will motivate the worker to continually make the sales in order to accumulate Oz Miles and gradually save up for a dream holiday down under.

Corporate Events and Team Building

Australia is one of the world’s most exciting holiday destinations. From diving on the Great Barrier Reef to learning to surf on the Gold Coast to coasting along the Great Ocean Road; the continent down under offers exhilarating and varied activities for team-building exercises.

If you’re looking to combine business with pleasure down under, Australian Travel Specialists can put you in touch with the people to help organise your conference or event. We can sort out your accommodation, flights and activities for you. So all you need to do is make sure you have a good time!

Brand Promotion

Looking to promote an existing brand to increase sales? Why not team up with Australian Travel Specialists to offer Oz Miles or holiday discount as a special offer or competition. You could advertise this on the product’s packaging, a customer receipt, email communication or poster and leaflets.

Loyalty and Long-service

What better way to reward long-standing customers than with money off the holiday-of-a-lifetime to Australia. This could act as an incentive to maintain business with your company. Oz Miles would also make a great gift as a retirement present for a member of staff as thanks for their loyalty.