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Aussie Specialists

Aussie Specialist Recommendations

We asked some of our top Aussie Specialists to create their ideal Australian holiday packages based on their personal experience and knowledge, here's what they came up with...

Go West

“Don’t miss out on the west coast; it’s such a contrast from the east. It’s the Australia you imagine you'll see - sandy, spacious, and rugged with sparkly seas and amazing corals!”

Aussie Highlights

“When I was traveling around Australia I saw so many spectacular sights and visited places I had always dreamed of. It really was an experience of a lifetime!”

River, Rock, Rail and Red

"Growing up in the big city of Melbourne , I have always wanted to experience the true Aussie outback. Rural South Australia, has such a diverse and picturesque landscape, I can't wait to explore it on my return back home!”

Kiwi Oz Explorer

"Coming from New Zealand , I have seen many of the beautiful sights my country has to offer. When travelling to Oz, why not extend your stay and hop over to New Zealand too - you won't be disappointed!"

Victoria Secrets

“Being a Melbournian, I love to show off the most beautiful parts of my state. From the friendly people of Melbourne to the breathtaking sights along the Great Ocean Road . I’m sure once you’ve visited Victoria , you’ll love it just as much as I do!”

Tassie Treat

"One of the most picturesque locations in Australia , Tasmania has all the natural beauty you could ask for! Explore the island state at your leisure with this fantastic holiday package." 

North Queensland

"I spent over a month exploring Queensland in a campervan and it was a journey filled with beautiful secluded beaches, magnificent rainforests and much more…"

Three Famous Places

"I grew up in Melbourne and am passionate about my country. Sydney , the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock are the main sights to see, so this package is perfect for your first visit Down Under!"

Family Special Tour

"There's so much to do and see in Australia that it is the perfect family holiday destination. There're loads of activities to keep the kids entertained- and the parents too!"

Top End & Brunei

"Being from Melbourne, I'd no idea of the great diversity my great land had to offer until I took a trip to the top end and I was just blown away…"