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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an essential component of your Australian holiday, so should not be overlooked. Many people travel without insurance because the price of the policy seems like an unnecessary expense. However, in the event of an accident or theft, such travellers will probably find that a big chunk of their holiday spending money is spent on specialised medical treatment or replacement of possessions.


Your travel insurance policy can cover you against the following expenses on your Australian holida, but check your policy carefullyy:

  • Medical expenses
    Australia has a reciprocal health agreement with the UK to provide free emergency health treatment. Medical consultation and medication for minor illnesses or injuries during your trip will be professional and reliable, but very expensive. A travel insurance policy can help towards these costs.
  • Cancellation
    You can claim back a percentage of the cost of your holiday if you, for example, suffer injury, death of a relative or spouse, or become pregnant. The circumstances must be deemed viable by the insurers.
  • Theft of belongings/baggage
    If your suitcase or hand-luggage is stolen, you may be able to claim on your insurance policy for the cost of its contents and the inconvenience during your travels.
  • Loss of travel documents
    If you misplace your tickets before or during your holiday, your insurance should cover the cost of their replacement.
  • Loss or theft of money
    Reimbursement for the value of stolen cash or traveller’s cheques.
  • Medical treatment for a pre-existing condition
    If you are travelling to Australia and are already suffering from a condition that may require treatment whilst on holiday, you can purchase a travel insurance policy to help cover these costs.