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Frequently Asked Questions for couples getting married down under

What documents do we need to be married in Australia?

Australian law requires that couples who wish to be married in Australia complete a form called the "Notice of Intended Marriage". This form can be obtained from the internet at www.ag.gov.au/celebrants (click on "Notice of Intended Marriage Form") as well as being available at the Australian Consulate.

It is essential that the form is completed by the couple and witnessed by a Notary Public then sent through to the celebrant in Australia approximately 2 months before departing the UK for the wedding. This time may vary depending on when and where the couple are planning to marry.

How long do we have to be in Australia before the wedding ceremony can take place?

As long as the Notice of Intended Marriage form is received within a specific amount of time you can arrive in Oz on the morning of your wedding day (although you’d probably be a lot more relaxed if you arrive a few days before!).

Make sure you give yourself enough time to meet with the celebrant/minister to finalise all the legal documents – and get over any jetlag you may have! Many of the resorts will give a tour of the property so that you can chose the perfect location for the ceremony - so we recommend arriving a couple of days before the wedding to make sure everything is as you wish for your big day!

Is it possible for guests to attend our wedding?

Of course it is! Just let us know how many guests will be attending your wedding and whether they are local or traveling from abroad. We can arrange all the details including their accommodation.

Will there be any forms to fill out once we’re in Australia?

You will have to fill some forms out when you meet with your celebrant/minister before the wedding. You will need to take your birth certificate and passport to this meeting. If either party is divorced or widowed, the original of either the Decree Absolute or death certificate is also required.

It is advisable to bring photocopies of each form of ID as you are required to send off copies of ID when applying for your official marriage certificate. When the application for your official wedding certificate is made you may also have to present a photocopy of a current utility bill.

Is photography including in the wedding package?

With some of the wedding packages Australian Travel Specialists offer photography is including in the price, before any extras are included. However this does not apply to all packages. For more information please contact our dedicated sales team.